Surreal Artist Shows the Secret Development of His Strange Artwork

This incredibly talented Japanese sculptor, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki shows off his skill by creating a series of progressive photos from the beginning—starting with a crude log. The way this sculpture of a girl with 12 faces develops is rather amazing in these step-by-step photos!

Before starting with wood as his medium, Kanemaki begins by making a small mold or model of what he intends his final piece of artwork to look like. The artist then begins by cutting the bark off of the log in order to reveal the inner wood. After this, he draws sketch lines on the log to give him guidance toward the final three-dimensional project.

The artist carves and saws and whittles and chips until the piece of wood begins taking on the shape of the idea in his mind. Finally, Kanemaki finishes, paints and glazes the pieces to make them ready for showing.

The girl with twelve faces is not even the most unique of his sculptures bizarre sculpture forms! Kanemaki uses a variety of strange ideas for his artwork, including many forms with dancing skeletons and other strangely twisted characters. For instance, you must see the boy’s head growing upside down out of the man’s body! Or the person with several torsos growing out of his head into a circle.

Definitely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, Yoshitoshi brings wood sculpting artistry to a whole new level!

Source: Behance | Facebook


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