These Ancient Trees Are Determined to Live Forever

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Have you ever found yourself feeling invincible? You probably experienced this as a teenager drag racing through the streets of your hometown – you thought nothing could kill you…

Well, we imagine these trees are probably thinking something along those lines as well.

Whether something has knocked them over or the wind has tried to blow them away, they are standing their ground one way or another because they are determined to never die.

Keep reading to see just what we mean:


Sometimes you might fall down, but you just have to pick yourself right back up and that is exactly what this palm tree did.

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Even a building can’t get in the way of this monster tree, it isn’t going to play nice and step aside.



Who said a jungle has to be rainy, dark, and huge? This tree will just make itself at home, wherever that might be.

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You’ve probably hear that “the higher the hair, the closer you are to God;” well, this tree totally agrees. It is keeping its leaves and branches as high as it can get them.



“And he huffed and puffed and….” Wait, even the big bad wolf couldn’t blow these trees down.



This tree decided just to sew its seed four more times. Instead of dying, it decided to come back stronger.

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The tree of life, located in Olympic National Park in Washington, even has the smarts to defy gravity!



This massive tree refuses to be contained. Or, on second thought, maybe the silo just makes a cozy home.



Who said branches can’t grow big and tall, too?



Our final tree refuses to let death get a grip on it – if there is a will, there is a way.

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