13 Amazing Bathroom Designs You Have Never Seen.

Let’s make the bathroom a nice and comfortable place. Let us know which one you like.


#1 Hammock Bathtub

1 1-1Image: Splinter Works


#2 Yellow Submarine Bathroom

Yellow Submarine Bathroom Yellow Submarine Bathroom2

Image: Anthony Lindsey


#3 The Bicycle Sink

The Bicycle Sink

Image: Benjamin Bullins


#4 Glass Floor Bathroom

Glass Floor Bathroom

Image: Hernandez Silva


#5 Arctic Sink

Arctic Sink 2 Arctic Sink

Image: KO KO Architects

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#6 A Glass Bath

A Glass Bath 2 A Glass Bath

Image: Kirill Myagkov


#7 Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

Image: opulentitems.com


#7 The minimal Kub Basin

The minimal Kub Basin 2 The minimal Kub Basin

Image: Victor Vasilev


#9 An Amethyst Sink

An Amethyst Sink

Image: imgur.com


#10 Patterned Sink

Patterned Sink

Image: omvivo


#11 A See-Through Bathtub

A See-Through Bathtub

Image: Stern McCafferty


#12 Ammonite Washbasin

Ammonite Washbasin

Image: HighTech Design


#13 Ship Shower Curtains

Ship Shower Curtains

Image: anthropologie.eu

H/T Boredpanda

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