90-Year-Old Man Ticketed Twice For Feeding Homeless

A man good at heart, Arnold Abbott sure did not mind receiving tickets from the cops at his age of 90. As a matter of fact, he managed to get warned and ticketed twice! Needless to say, his supposed misconduct was actually a noble deed, supported by almost all that heard of it. A resident of Fort Lauderdale, Abbott is said to have gathered a group of chefs to prepare delectable meals for the homeless people on the streets. Sadly, this is considered an illegal action, proving him guilty in the eyes of cops. This elderly was forced to get fingerprinted and received a ticket. Supposedly, he had faced the exact same issue once, earlier. Clearly, Abbott really wished to help the poor in the best way he could, even if it meant facing jail for about 2 whole months.

Abbott was interviewed by many regarding his efforts, obviously being labelled as a humanitarian. Reportedly, he addressed to the issue as nicely as possible, stating that they had the rights to help other human beings and prevent them from dying of starvation. The Mayor, named as Jack Seiler, also supported this 90-year-old.

According to the news, a woman has been doing similar work as Abbott, in Seattle. Working in secrecy for over 25 years, this woman has managed to collect several people from churches, aiming to lessen the burdens on the homeless. Quite unsurprisingly, she was stressed by the City of Seattle. Thankfully, they eventually gave in, raising a fund to help the needy of the city. While the service is still relatively small, it is still a start of something great, probably the source of encouragement for the people of Fort Lauderdale.

Source: TPNN

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