A Couple’s Incredible 81 Years of Marriage

Love is hard to find, and even harder to keep in this day and age. Well, The Rockeys manage to keep it going strong after nearly a century long romance.

Dale and Alice Rockey in 1958, and 1973.
Dale and Alice Rockey in 1958, and 1973.

“You have to hang on,” said Dale Rockey. Dale and Alice Rockey are each 99 years old, and they’ve know each other since childhood.

It wasn’t love at first sight for the two, but they found each other eventually. “I didn’t pay much attention to him, really,” Alice told reporters.

And did Dale take special note of her? “Not especially,” he replied.

Their romance first began during their high school days, and Dale proposed as soon as he turned 18. And how did he pop the question? “I asked her if she had any money!” The happy couple were together, but quiet poor for much of their early lives. They were married on December 29th, 1933.

Their 81 year old marriage all began with a simple first date all those years ago. “We went out on the hill and parked and looked at the town,” Alice said.

By time 1958 came around the couple had been together for 25 years. They celebrated their 40th in 1973.

In a world full of divorce and separation, how did the Rockeys make it for so long?

“I’ve always let him have my way!” Alice said.

The great achievement of their marriage has even been honored by the faith-based organization, Worldwide Marriage Encounter. They dubbed the Rockeys the longest married couple in 2015.

Dale and Alice were chosen from nearly 400 marriage couples for the award. “When we say 83 years, 79 years, we thought, ‘Wow!” Dick Baumbach said. Dick and Diane Baumbach thought their 48 years of marriage were impressive, and were shocked to find the Rockeys.

The Baumbachs say there are a few key things most long standing couples do. “They do things together, enjoying things together, by compromising, and having patience with each other.”

Dale and Alice currently have five sons, one of them 76 years old. One of this children, Tom, has even himself been married for 50 years.

Due to Alice’s failing health, the two lovebirds were forced to move to a special care facility. “Once Dale came and got moved in, not only Alice’s spirits, but her health improved,” said Sandy Rockey, wife of Tom Rockey. “They need to be together.”

Dale and Alice don’t want for much after their long years. They appear content in the company of their life long mates.

“What a wonderful ride we’ve had,” Dale said.

“It does sound like a long time, doesn’t it?” Alice said.

“Yeah, well, it has been!” Dale laughed and patted his wife’s hand. “A good long time.”

For Dale and Alice Rockey, who have been wed for 81 years, every day is Valentine's Day.
For Dale and Alice Rockey, who have been wed for 81 years, every day is Valentine’s Day.

Source & Photos : cbsnews

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