25 Unique Ways To Combine Your Home Decor With Your Pet’s Items

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#5. Unique Suitcase Pet Beds


Do you have extra items, such as suitcases or hat boxes, just lying around not being used?  If that’s the case, create an extra special pet bed for your furry friend!

Simply convert the item, such as a suitcase, by adding a pillow and/or a blanket inside.  You can even go as far as to use Velcro to attach a waterproof liner, making it easy to wash in case your pet makes a mess.

As a bonus?  Suitcases often have a nice pouch on the top that you can use to store your pet’s favorite toys so they always feel safe and at home.  This also adds a fun, vintage feel to your home decor, and matches these types of styles perfectly!

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#6. Bathroom Storage Litter Boxes


If you have a cat or a small dog who is litter trained, you might want to consider placing their litter box somewhere that isn’t going to bother others, but still can be a part of your home decor.

Fore example, you can either purchase or make your own homemade storage organizer for your bathroom, complete with a small area on the bottom that you can store a litter box inside of.

The covered litter box will allow your cat to have privacy while using the bathroom, as well as prevent them from scattering the litter all over the floor.  This can be customized and painted to match your bathroom’s decor.

As a bonus, you can use the top of the container to store bathroom belongings, such as extra towels or even a plant.

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