25 Unique Ways To Combine Your Home Decor With Your Pet’s Items

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#3. Stylish Pet Gates and Room Dividers

If you want to be able to section off areas in which your pet can and cannot go, you might turn to using a baby gate or a tall gate designed specifically with pets in mind.

However, these can often clash with decor and not look all that nice.  Mesh gates like the one above, however, have a more rustic feel to them, and they can found to match any style of decor to make it more charming and homey.

While the mesh variety is a great choice, as it prevents your furry friends from injuring themselves (especially if they run into them!), there are also plenty of stylish designs made from other materials, such as the classic all-metal gates.  You can also use special folding room divider screens to have the same effect and give the room a completely different look.

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#4. Upgrade Your Cat’s Furniture


Take ordinary cat furniture and spruce it up by making it look and feel more natural.

By taking pieces of a store bought cat tree or other cat furniture, such as a cat hammock or favorite perch, you can add them to actual, live indoor trees that have been potted in large planters.  Not only will this home improvement project add style to your home and make your space look creative, you will also be giving your kitty a natural looking, smelling, and feeling perch that mimics real trees, while having peace of mind that they are safe indoors.

There are plenty of different ways you can organize the cat trees to make them to your cat’s liking, and it looks so great you can add more than one in another room in your home.  You can also add small perches on the wall, made of real wood, to contribute to the overall theme you are going for.  As a bonus, this idea is great for the environment and your cat will love it!

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