25 Unique Ways To Combine Your Home Decor With Your Pet’s Items

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You’ve probably brainstormed to find new ways to store pet items that make your home look neater and more organized, but it can be difficult to come up with new, creative and inspired ideas on your own.

Living with pets throughout my childhood and now as an adult, I have been faced with this challenge often, and I have had to come up with new and fun ways to keep things looking fresh, while still giving my furry companions access to the things that they need.

Luckily, with a little inspiration and a bit of redecorating, I have always been able to create unique and fun ways to keep my pets’ needs, as well as my need for a comfortable and organized living space, both satisfied!  Now, I would love to share great ideas for combining home decor with your pet’s items in order to create a one of a kind living space that will be both beautiful and comfortable for you and your furry companions for many years to come!

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#1. Rope Bridge Cat Hammocks


If your home has a nautical theme or a rustic, lived in cottage like feel, you might really enjoy this project.

You can simply string together some pieces of wood covered by felt or other soft material, and then add a rustic, rope bridge like design to it.

The stunning looking cat hammock can be strung just about anywhere – from the top of a doorway to on the wall, even between the arm of the couch and an end table! It gives your kitty a sweet little space to snooze while adding a touch of whimsy to your home.

If the rope bridge design does not fit into your home decor, no worries – you can make the hammock look any way you want to by experimenting with different fabrics and designs. It’s one of those personalized projects, and your cat is sure to love it either way!

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#2. Make Use of the Space Under Your Stairs

Make use of the space under your stairs by giving your pet a nice, personalized area of their very own.

Complete the look with small doors or even little curtains pulled to the side to dress the area up and give it a sweet look.  You can easily slide a pet bed, toy box, or other pet items into this area, giving your pet their very own place to go.

This idea is perfect for animals who are a bit more skittish or a tad shy, as it allows them to slowly make their way at home with the ability to retreat if they feel the need to do so.  This is even a great idea if you have multiple dogs, as you can form a bit of a “kennel” look in the space by adding multiple pet beds, bowls, and even a small toy storage area for your pet’s toys.

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