22 Child Stars Who Grew Up and STAYED RICH!

Although you’ve probably heard a lot about those child stars who have burned up all of their fortunes on drugs or unwise investments, there are certainly some child stars who have made wise choices, right? Right! So maybe it seems interesting to get the dirt on all of the failures, but really it’s just as thrilling to see someone who actually makes it in the world. Especially someone who got their start at such as very young age.

You likely got to know these stars several years ago, and some of them you possibly still see around in the movies and on television. Others seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Either way, they all have one thing in common—they are still rich! In ascending order, you’ll never guess who is the richest of them all.

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#22 Kyla Pratt – at least $2 million

Kyla Pratt

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Starring alongside Eddie Murphy is certainly not a bad start for a little girl! This actress who played in “Dr. Doolittle” movie went on to act in a couple of other roles as a kid actor, such as “One-on-One” and in several Disney Channel shows. She also had a bit of a singing career with Disney as well. Now, Kyla can be found in various BET programs sporadically. Now, at age 29, Kyla Pratt has a hefty 2 ½ million dollars set aside! That’s not a bad deal. With kids of her own now, Pratt seems to have a pretty happy life and is often too busy to work. However, it seems that with the money that she has saved up, she’ll be setting pretty for quite some time. Actually, it likely won’t be long until her own two daughters, Lyric and Liyah, begin appearing in television and movies as well. Hopefully the talent runs in the family.

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