Bob Haircuts for Women Over 40

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Bob is more than just the name of your neighbor or your uncle. It’s an incredible haircut style which is flattering, forgiving, and looks absolutely fabulous on women over 40! Take a look at these bob hairstyles in various shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths. Who knew that a bob could be so versatile? Ask your hairstylist to create a bob that will fit you perfectly based on these:

1. Messy Curl Bob

Women who love their long, curly hair but feel like they can no longer pull it off will fall in love with this boho-chic style including soft waves and side-swept bangs. Length just below the chin draws the eye in to just the right focus near the cheekbones.

2. Longer-in-Front Bob


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Allowing for a longer, sleek look in the front, this bob takes some of the weight off the back providing volume to aging hair that may have a tendency to look dull and lifeless otherwise. Add some highlights for a summery glow.

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