1930s Hairstyles We Wish Would Come Back

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The desire to have perfectly coiffed hair isn’t something new – for years, women went to great lengths to have achieve feminine hairstyles that the era is known for. During the 1920s, the going hairstyle was a sleek bob and tight ringlets, however during the 30s, women wanted something softer and they began to grow out their hair, although some still favored short hairstyles.

When you want to go for that vintage look, perhaps you could draw some inspiration from these lovely ladies. These hair styles range from side parts that creates a seductive frame, finger curls, perms, and platinum blonde.

If you love the screen sirens from the old black and white movies and wish to emulate their grace and beauty, then these hairstyles can help you achieve the perfect look!

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H/T (Vintagethimble/tumblr)

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