12 Extremely Strange Weight-Loss Methods Used Throughout History

All over history people have been trying to lose weight. The easiest way to do that is to eat less and move more, however, humanity has been looking for ways around this for a long time. Weight loss problems are not only a modern issue. Nobody wants to give up their favorite cake or candy or stop drinking. The foods we crave are usually filled with sugar or fats and are the hardest to give up. And why would you, if you can use any of the methods below? I mean, unless you prefer not to be in pain, or dieting to lose a few pounds? Read on to see the extreme ways people used to try and lose weight in the past.

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#1. The Tapeworm Diet

Tapeworm eggs were used in Victorian times to lose weight. A noticeable loss of pounds would occur once the parasites reached adulthood. Unfortunately, your body also does not receive any nutrients during this time. Abdominal distress, dementia, and epilepsy are a common side effect. And to get the worm out? A doctor would push a metal instrument down your throat and pull the tapeworm out by force.

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#2. The Poison Diet

Arsenic was hailed as a miracle cure for a lot of things in the 19th century, including promoting weight loss. It was said to increase your metabolism and thereby burn more calories. Of course, arsenic is a poison, but true enough, not many dead people gain weight.


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