10 Private Jets Owned By Some Of The Richest Celebrities In The World

Those who are very wealthy or are celebrities don’t want to be bogged down by TSA and crowded public airports. That’s why they often fly on their own private jets. No paparazzi, no being frisked. Just a private jet where they can be delivered directly to the runway. Of course plane, pilots, and crews all cost top dollar, but even so many celebrities think it’s worth it to own their own jets.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities who own their own jets:

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10. Elvis Presley $600,000 (now at a value of $2.7 million) – Convair 880


Although he’s no longer with us, Elvis’ spirit lives on. In this case, in the memory of his outrageous wealth. Presley’s talent brought him an enormous amount of money throughout his career, and part of it was spent on this Convair 880 which was one of the rarest planes in the world at the time. The plane was named Lisa Marie, obviously after his daughter, and is fitted with a master bedroom, master bath, conference room, and another bathroom made of solid gold.


9. Larry Page and Sergey Brin $25 million- Boeing 767-200


Some of the only people on this list who aren’t television or movie celebrities, these two are certainly well known since their founding of Google, the world’s favorite internet search engine. With the billions of dollars they’ve made on their startup company, Page and Brin bought themselves the Google Jet. A Boeing 767-200 which has exclusive permission to land at Moffet Field with NASA—no other private jet has this right!


8. Jay Z $40 million- Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet


Claiming he’s going to run for President someday, currently Jay Z doesn’t have access to Airforce One. Instead, however, he and Beyonce have their own Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet which can accommodate quite a few passengers. With a living room fitted entirely with leather, the family (with their daughter, Blue Ivy) are always comfortable no matter where they want to go in the world. Beyonce bought this plane as a gift for her husband. Yikes! That’s a present that’s hard to top.


7. Bill Gates $41 million- Dassault Falcon 7X


You knew you’d see him on this list somewhere! Bill Gates’ Dassault Falcon 7X which is engineered to take off faster as well as land slower than any other private jet available today. That makes it safer than most as well. Gates also apparently owns two Global Expresses as well, so this isn’t his first experience with private jet ownership. But, of course, being one of the most technologically advanced jets in the world, Gates had to have one of these as well.


6. Tom Cruise $45 million- Gulfstream IV


This Top Gun can’t help himself! He just loves owning his own private jet. This Gulfstream IV can seat 19 passengers and shuttles Cruise between his various work locations and homes. Of course, it is furnished with only the highest end décor. And his daughter, Suri, loves to ride in it—especially when her dad takes her to Disney World in the jet.


5. Celine Dion $48 million- Bombardier BD-700 Express


Traveling in comfort from one concert to the next in her busy schedule, Celine Dion’s jet is a Bombardier BD-700 Express (Similar to the one that Oprah Winfrey owns). Celine flies comfortably in jet fitted with a living area, private bathrooms, and full kitchen. And of course, she never goes anywhere without at least two flight attendants as well as her pilots. The jet seats up to 19 passengers and cost almost $50 million!


4. Oprah Winfrey $52 million- Bombardier Global Express XRS


As the wealthiest woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey has places to go. And she wants to get there in style. That’s why she bought this Bombardier Global Express XRS which can hold Winfrey and 10 guests as passengers. Upgraded with all of the amenities, this jet gets up to 51,000 feet in altitude. Not bad for a woman who started out with nothing!


3. Jim Carrey $59 million- Gulfstream V


Ace Ventura and the Grinch have made Jim Carry a very rich man. So much so that he owns this private Gulfstream V which cost him almost $60 million—chump change for Carrey. One of the fastest jets in its class, Jim Carrey’s plane can seat 16 people. And I’m sure when you’re riding on the plane with Jim, there’s no shortage of comedy happening. Who needs in-flight entertainment anyway?


2. Donald Trump $100 million – Boeing 757-200


Trading in his older Boeing 727 for this newer 757-200 model, Donald Trump has fitted this fancy jet with practically everything you could ever want in an airplane. In typical Trump style, the owner had the bathrooms redecorated and replaced the fixtures with solid gold. (Channeling his inner Elvis, perhaps?) Other upgrades include leather seats, gold plated seat bels, and Waterford Crystal Lamps. And just in case anyone doubted whose jet this was? Trump had his name emblazoned on the outside in 24-karat gold.


1. Air Force One $200+ Million

airforce one

Okay, so it’s technically maybe not completely privately owned. Except maybe by the people of the United States of America. But Air Force One has been well known as one of the top planes in the world. This Boeing 747-200B is apparently decked out with all of the amenities, carrying the President of the US all over the world. We don’t know exactly how much its worth since it’s always getting upgrades and has some of the highest security measures possible. But we do know that Obama flies comfortably in this plane with several rooms including a regular seating room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms. Hands down, one of the most expensive, fanciest planes in the world.

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